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Default Re: Issue with Westinghouse 19" LCD Monitor (large pics)

Be sure to measure the old caps in mms and compare the sizes to the data sheet of the caps you are buying.

These monitors are very cramped and you don't want to be unable to install the cover when you're done.

This is especially important for the line cap if you intend to replace it. Also if the original line cap is a radial and the one you are buying is a radial snap in just clip the old caps leads off right at the body then bend the new snap in caps legs down and the solder the old caps leads to the new cap.

To go even further I usually put a puddle of hot glue beneath the cap on the PCB and press it down onto the board until the glue cools to secure it firmly.

To test the FET just use the standard transistor test procedure. Set the DMM to the diode check function test from source to gate and reverse the probes a voltage drop should only be observed in one direction.

Do the same from drain to gate the same testing rule applies voltage drop in only one direction.

The heating of that component is evident on the board and since it's neighbor didn't brown the PCB too it wasn't a result of normal operation. I'd be willing to bet you will find it's shorted.

You can get cheap DMMs at Ratshack the pocket model (my first DMM) runs about 20 bucks.
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