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Default Re: Dell inspiron 1525 New Battery not charging

Originally Posted by 3d0 View Post
Ok guys so this is what happened. Knowing the battery wont charge unless the adapter is recognized in BIOS i remembered there was a fix for the dc jack board (image below).
So I soldered a wire on pin 5, checked for shorts across the other pins and all looks good. Assembled everything back together, push the start button and nothing!!!
Now I was thinking it must be a wire that is loose, or something, well yes, forgot to plug in the cpu fan. Again I push the start button and nothing.
Well now I'm thinking this was a bad idea, however having some basic skills (learned here of course) I check the voltage reg. 3.3 & 5V OK, ECRST 3.3V with power button pressed no changes in voltage. Maybe BIOS-SIO chip fault? I pulled out the on-board battery, plugged in the ac adapter and it starts by itself. Strange?
Anyways to keep the story short, I cant have the on-board batt in, it just wont start with it?
The good news is the adapter is finally recognized in BIOS as 65W, and you guessed it now it charges the battery.
Thanks ala_borbe for the explanation, the batt. is charged 35% so it should be able to flash the BIOS now.
Also the wireless connections icon in win7 is gone, but wireless is working?
Not sure if I should be happy or mad?
if you can`t see the wifi and the net its working its from the bios or Bat bios.

i saw a dv6 like that, my PC does this( after power i have to restart it again and everything its ok, after the bat its charged its working fine)

i saw like 4 or 5 notebooks that did this the icons are missing Bios BAT or Bios corrupted i dont rly know
Just cook it! It's already broken.
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