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Default Re: Electron Kinetics Eagle 2C amplifier problem

Originally Posted by petehall347 View Post
tape up your meter probes so just the tip is showing ..this is for when you slip ..
on those outputs B should be about + or- 600mv .
C rail voltage + - same voltages as across each of those big caps .
E should read very low mv.s ..ideally 0v but rarely is the case .
Hi Pete! I'm really kind of a noob here, so please forgive any noob type questions. I don't have a degree in electronics, but I do find this very interesting. I just know a little, but would like to improve my knowledge to get a better understanding of trouble-shooting these components to fix them.

So, that being said, it is my understanding from budm to use my DMM to check resistance and voltages. I should use my ground probe to the green wires on the filter caps, then start checking the Sanken transistors for voltages using the red probe. I assume that I should check the 3 pins that are on these transistors?
I'm not really sure what you are saying when you say check outputs B, and C rail voltage and E?
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