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Default Re: How a plasma display panel (PDP) works

Originally Posted by Poor Flick View Post
I just happened to notice this thread. Interesting subject as when I tried for my first time to repair my LG 60PA6500, and just about had it fixed until I had a rookie blunder and ran it to check for power going to the lower address buffers without the metal cover, (I thought), cooked the ICs. Obviously it was a heat sink! I regret being a dumb ass often!
My question is, would running a PDP on lower power settings in the picture quality menu help a PDP live longer? I usually run it on a medium setting and the panel is barely warm. On a high quality setting it gets toasty.
BTW Tom, many thanks again on your advice last year!
Yep, definitely it would help. The lifespan of the panel, and of the electronics, would be improved under lower brightness settings, especially so with modern panels where energy use varies wildly across brightness levels. (Older panels vary less.)
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