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Unhappy Re: For those that swear by KZG... :(

The second failure Topcat showed us looked exactly like mine failure (black dot in the middle):

Only far, far worser. In my case, the machine run fanless watercooled for about year and so at 200x13 - 2600Mhz with 1.800Vcore and folding all the time - except for gaming
Now my PSU was a Antec NEO 480W at that time, full of Fuhjyyu (surprisingly there is Rubycon in the input!) - so no wonder that these caps right on the 12V rail from PSU powering the Vcore give up sooner or later

I bet even a good cap could give up sooner or later in such enviroment (hot GFX card right bellow, very hot mosfets right on top and Fuhjyyu caps delivering enough ripple right on the PSU...) - but server board with lot's of them and on Zippy PSU - I can't believe how seriously these caps give up

It should be investigated with great care if they aren't fakes, Topcat. Could you please look?
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