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Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Free Dell Precision M6400, 3.06GHz C2D 8gb RAM (maxes @ 16gb), 250gb SSD & 1tb spinner, 1920x1200 display. Case has a few dings, but overall in good shape. Batt is toast, OS needed to be reinstalled (someone put W10 on it).
Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I spoke too soon about the battery....It will run for ~1hr 45min. For a Dell precision, that's stellar! This post created from replaced my m6300 I've used the last ~7 years. It has a C2D extreme x9100 @ 3.06, but it will run a C2Q extreme quad core @ 2.53, which is the fastest quad core it can take....choices choices.... I will max the RAM @ 16gb and upgrade the fx2700 512mb to the x3700 1gb...all this can be done for under $100!
This one is now fully restored and maxed out. I went with the Q9300 C2Q @ 2.53GHz, as this is the fastest quad core this can take. RAM is maxed @ 16gb, and GPU is maxed @ 3700M 1gb GPU. I also found new old stock shell pieces stupidly cheap (less than $20), so the dinged up body is brand new now! I added a second SSD, and dual booting it with W7 Pro and Mint 19.1.
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