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Originally Posted by goontron View Post
Welp, OK. 2006 Pontiac Grand AM, 94,000 ODO (not rolled back, I checked) for the cost of paperwork (~$200) and a fuel pump/filter ($135). Actual value: $3,008.50.
My "most prized" find:

Personal Reader

$7 for the "CPU" and another $7 for the scanner. Two separate lots at a local auction. I was the only person present who knew what they were -- and that they belonged together despite being on opposite ends of the room!) so got both for the minimum bid ($7).

Here is it in use

And, it's predecessor (the CPU is on the bottom, hand-built scanner on top, keyboard on table to the left and canine companion to the right ) I've given up hope of ever finding one to add to my collection. And, the "data cassette" storage medium (tape reader visible in front of CPU) was so flaky that I'm sure I'd never be able to find a viable program image from which to boot!

Amusing to have witnessed, first hand, such a huge advance in technology! You can do the same thing with an app on your phone, nowadays. By contrast, the "Personal Reader" was about $20K (microprocessor based with a TMS320 DSP in the dedicated speech synthesizer), the "Reading Machine" before it was $50K (a Nova II minicomputer with magnetic CORE memory and a Votrax analog speech synthesizer).

Sad to see so much of this technology being lost/discarded.

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