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Default Re: RME Octamic II input circuit anyone

The can is not necessarily connected to anything, so... I'm not 100% sure what exactly you're measuring. For reference, i just measured a couple Rubycon electrolytics i had on the bench here, and my meter's showing 1.8-2Mohms (that's mega-ohms, millions) between the can and either leg.

"1G" seems to correlate with a number of different NPN transistors - my guess would be, they switch the phantom-power on and off for that respective channel.

Any chance you can get enough glare-less lighting on the board where you wouldn't need to use your phone's / camera's flash?

I wouldn't remove the various DC-blocking electrolytics from suspicion. But some more "overall" photos of the board might help with at least getting a feel for the structure of the preamps.

In a pinch, assuming you've got a signal source you could set to 100Hz or so, you could try tracing the path of the signal with your multimeter - the AC range should be capable of measuring 100-120Hz frequencies with some degree of accuracy.
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