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Default Toshiba 42HP66 Plasma Voltage Help

Picked up this TV from CL. It had an inky looking picture. Took the back off and found a blown fuse on the ZSUS. Replaced the fuse and TV wouldn't power on. Put the old blown fuse back in and TV would power on with the bad image. Ordered a new ZSUS from TSM and now get a much better picture but there are some scenes where it appears to be strobing. For instance a scene with ceiling florescents, the lights appear to be strobing and sometimes the face color will show sparkles.

I checked voltages and they were off but every time I try to adjust them I get a worse or no picture.

Panel voltages: 186 VS 60 VA -200 -Vy 120 VSC Zbias 100
Actual: 157 VS 60 VA -267 -Vy 98 VSC Zbias 100

When I try to adjust VS up the picture gets real bad with sparkles at around 160 and gets progressively worse the higher I go. I cannot get VSC to adjust up as it is turned all the way clockwise and I can't get -Vy to come down.

There is a setup and a setdn but I do not have a scope that can check those. Looking to see if anyone has had this happen before.
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