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Default Re: Li-ion AAA replacement with li-ion pack

So far, so good. It's reading 94% charged, which is better than the 70% charged the old batteries would show. I don't know that it will ever be fully cycled, it gets used for a few minutes and put back on the charger. I could leave it off the charger for a few weeks, if you guys think that it would be helpful to fully cycle it.

I put double sided tape on the top to stick it to the top case and same tape on the bottom to protect the battery in case it gets loose. There was a lot of room left, I could have easily used a larger battery.

Overall, this was a pretty easy fix. The case came apart with a plastic pry tool, there was no breakage, the clips seemed stout. I cut the batteries off with some side cutters so I could use as much heat as needed to remove the tabs from the board.

We'll see how this battery holds up.

Thanks to everyone!

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