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Default Re: How many uf do i need to cope with the HDD inrush current

high IR would not surprise me with the way the plugs are made and the sire binging thinner than it should
a stupid high spin up current would not be hard to imagine as one of the drives i have is old, really old and had a annoying wine (sounds similar to coil wine)

when i have this be an issue is when i boot off one and plug in a second drive, it crashed windows with the drive loosing power for a moment

Here is a list of the amps my drives pull
HDD | 5V | 12V
2.5A | 1.0A |
2.5B | 0.6A |
3.5A | 0.5A | 0.7A
3.5B | 0.65A | 0.5A
3.5C | 0.72 | 0.35A
3.5D | 0.68A | 0.55A
3.5E | 0.5A | 0.7A
3.5F | 0.9A | 0.9A
3.5G | 0.62A | 0.6A

I figure if i remake this cable i can slap a cap at the end of each rail to handle a spike in current draw

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