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recapping PCB.
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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
Wait! I found another one!

This is sold under a different brand name, aqprox! and the model is app500PSBULK. Slightly better than Powertech versions, still catastrophically failed

I think that some not trimmed leads touched the metal case. The metal case of these units is thin like aluminium foil and there is no insulation sheet.

Nothing different than the 530W Powertech versions, except the better heatsinks and the nearly complete AC mains filter (no MOVs)

Not worth repairing. It will be used for parts
I repaired an equal equal, belongs to a friend, is equal to yours from the photos but 650w, literally blow the 5vbs capacitor, but after doing 30,000h, change all the capacitors of the HQ brand and for now works well , but I have recommended a thousand times to change it for a good quality Seasonic ... And to top it off, I was wearing a fake PFC ...
Approx buys PSU from China and they are misleading sources.
Apart from my friend, years ago I had an approx of 500w and I corrupted the HDD partitions and the HDD accumulated pending sectors, the PSU just crushed to the ground. And since then I learned the lesson, to buy good quality PSU.
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