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Default Re: Looked at new thermostats, nah I'll DIY this

that ic is hidden under the 9 wires going to the raspberry pi 0
there is no way you could see it from that angle

screw batteries, i got my power from mains
this is probably under $50 in parts
~1 40cm dupont wires on ebay
~10 for a pi 0 (shipped from eu; got a local micro center?)
~2 assorted resistors on ebay
~3 prototyping boards on ebay
~0.5 Common anode LCD displays on ebay
~1 pin headers
~1 2N3906 transistors on ebay (over cautious on pulling power from logic pins)
~1.5 switch
~8 wall wort
~2 relays on ebay
~0.75 face plat
~4 22 cubic inch old work box
~1.5 D18b20 sensors on ebay
scrap Ethernet wire
on hand 0.07 diodes
on hand Darlington transistors (overkill for controlling relays)
on hand leds (i got 100 for 0.10 on ebay)
time and effort on design, testing, and programing and have fun doing it
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