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Default Re: Dell E153FPB Back Light problem

Originally Posted by brianh View Post
Ahhh - finally I've found the problem!!!!

After a lot of trial and error I have the CCFL lamps back on!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer... The problem was a blown fuse!

No... not the big white one, it was a little black one labeled PF751 (see previously posted photo if you're interested - it's on the right side and looks more like a rectifier diode).

I can read the letters "MS 2A" on it - so I guess that means that it's a 2 amp fuse. Someone else posted a schematic for a similar Diamond View monitor, which shows a 3 amp fuse. (ref: Inverter Schematic )

I've jumpered the fuse with an extremely fine strand of wire, and the CCFL now comes on. I'm giving it a burn-in-test right now. So far 1/2 hour and all is well.

I am, however, not willing to call it "fixed" yet - after all... Why did the fuse blow in the first place?

Sure... I plan on putting in a proper fuse, but I don't want to re-assemble it and have it blow another fuse (or worse) in a day or two.

But hey... after way too many hours on this project - at least I've got something positive!

Any thoughts?
Thanks man , you save me
i was thinking about buy another monitor
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