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Smile Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad 464, Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Atari STFM,
Amiga 600, Amiga 1200 (probably the best affordable all round home
computer imo)

Well that was my childhood. Needless to say school teachers hadn't a clue
what I was writing about when they asked for essays on home life.

With money I was able to afford my first PC computer. I briefly had
an 8086 which helped in learning DOS but it was mis-sold to us as a much
higher rated PC. Not making the same mistake twice we bought a brand
new system from a premium retailer for 1500 ($2859.45). It was a brand
new on the market Pentium 75Mhz, a whopping 8Mb RAM, with 16bit sound
and a top end Diamond Stealth 2Mb PCI graphics card.

Hooked on the need for high performance to do more things quicker, after
winning a few thousand on the lottery. I self built myself a brand new on
the market Pentium Pro system ($1500 just for the CPU itself). Back then
nearly everyone I spoke to thought I had just a 200Mhz Pentium and hadn't
heard about Pentium Pro in their local stores, it was frustrating explaining
how it was hugely more powerful than their 'home user' systems. People
wouldn't sell me games and software cos they'd say my system wasn't as
powerful as a 233Mhz MMX - minimum spec to run etc grrr.

After that I kind of incrementally upgraded, mainly been with AMD and learnt
the benefit of large heavy copper blocks and giant noisy fans. But more
recently I've been investing in quiet PC components, such as thermally speed
controlled fans and most importantly a quiet hard drive and quiet enclosure,
anyone looking to reduce PC noise I strongly suggest enclosing your drives
in Silentmaxx enclosures, they have mixed reviews, but I find with a modern
low noise drive placed inside they virtually eliminate all HD noise completely.

I'm currently running an Athlon 1800 with a Radeon 9800XT for games, last
few years it was a 3200XP with a GF6800 but it blew itself apart just like
most high end equipment seems to. My home business system is a Dual Core
X2 3800+. My next purchase will most likely be a Quad Core Processor, AMD
or Intel depending on reviews and if the old A1800 survives that long.

My portable system is a WiFi Sempron 2800+ (latest 2006 revision) with ATI
graphics and is kind of the benchmark of quiteness that I hope my desktop
systems will eventually aspire to.

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