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Default Hi from MoonShadow

Hi peoples,

I'm from Sydney Australia and have been in the software development side of computers for 15 years now. Along the way I have build a few machines, for work and home, but don't think I should be given a soldering iron even if my life depended on it .

I am not sure how happy I am to find this forum as I have a VP6 with system freeze issues so I guess I will be replacing my mobo. I had been getting HDD failures as well, so I bought 2 new HDD to replace the RAID array with issues and the problem went away .... until I finished installing all my software, then another freeze.

Are there any thread around with lists of SAFE mobos that do not have cap issues? I am looking but have not found any yet.

Ideally I need a mobo with 4 ATA/100 channels so that I can attach the 5HDD and 2 Optical drives from my VP6 (raid or not I need the space).

Welcome any help.
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