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Default Re: Samsung 2493HM - Power button blinking: BN44-00195A & BN41-00962A

Originally Posted by selldoor View Post
OK - there are many threads setting out the problems with this board.
First major task is to remove ALL the brown glue. It is corrosive and conductive.
Check all the components it touches for rot.
Glue might be softened with IPA but needs scraped away with a dental pick, sharp blade - being careful not to damage the board.
Thanks, yeah I did some research on the power boards last failure and have been searching here all morning. Thank for mentioning IPA, I keep reading to remove it but no one said with what! I'll start on that shortly and post pictures of my results/findings.

I'll keep searching for an explanation for the main board rattle, it just can't be normal.
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