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Default Re: HiPro HP-P3017F3 rev:03 [Dell H057N] - capacitor repair

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
The capacitor after the filtering coil on the +5V rail looks like a 3300F 10V Teapo SC, not 4700F 10V (looking closely at the fourth and fifth attachment), if the capacitance and voltage rating is printed after the polarity stripe.
You are 100% right!
Can't believe I missed that. I think the fact that both caps have the same size is what threw me off. I saw 4700 uF on one of them and assumed both to have the same specs, being on the 5V rail.

Either way, I guess it can't hurt to replace them with 2x 4700 uF caps, for whoever is recapping this PSU (I know I have two more awaiting this procedure, and they both actually have their 5V rail caps failed.)

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
Shame on Hipro for putting such a hot load resistor right next to crap caps. This is what I expect to see in PSUs manufactured by Deer or FSP, not Hipro.
Yeah, I'm not sure why they went with such a hot load resistor there, considering these PSUs were made after the AthlonXP/Penitum 3 era and are geared towards 12V-based PCs. So the minimum load on the 12V rail is not necessary, IMO. The PSU runs absolutely fine without it, even when not connected to a motherboard.

As for FSP PSU - I wouldn't put them in the same class as Deer. Sure some of them do have minor goofy design flaws, but they are decent to good for the most part. Using a 400W unit in one of my PCs right now, and it's one of the more efficient PSUs I have in my fleet - above 80%, despite being a half-bridge topology.

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