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Default Re: HiPro HP-P3017F3 rev:03 [Dell H057N] - capacitor repair

Originally Posted by linuxguru View Post
The old HiPro 250W PPFC units for Dell were rock solid, once their Asiacon and similar caps were recapped. I have a few running fine after ~15-17 years.
Yeah, those were pretty awesome units too. I own a few myself. Rock-solid performance indeed. I actually haven't recapped mine yet, and somehow the original Asiacon caps are still in spec... or were when last checked a few years ago. Will probably recap them eventually.

I think the primary "startup" cap in those was a 47 uF, 50V. Fixed one a long time ago with a shorted diode fore the primary auxiliary rail and replaced that cap while at it too... actually, here is the post with that PSU, posted 10 years ago!
And yes, it's still working.

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