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Default Re: Paxville or Bust! The Supermicro X6DA8 Project

Originally Posted by Topcat
I never saw must have forgot to hit submit!
Never happened before, but given the goof I am... it's possible

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
What better use for an old beige Aopen case...
Couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Old mATX P4 system (momaka, let me know if you want it, it works).
Oh, cool, an AOpen motherboard!
With AOpen out of the motherboard business, it's pretty tempting to add to the collection. However, I think I should pass it up, mainly because I already have too many older motherboards sitting around and collecting dust. So it would be a shame to do that to it. I really do appreciate your offer, though! I guess if I come up with a plan to find a use for it, I'll let you know.

Don't forget to debu.... oh, nevermind we talked about this before

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I discovered that I am completely out of 80mm case fans, atleast ones that aren't complete crap....
Not sure what you're calling complete crap, but even most cheapo sleeve bearing fans from rock-bottom low-end PSUs and cases will last a long time one opened and their sleeve bearings cleaned+lubed properly.

The fans I call complete crap are the "long life bearing" ones - i.e. modern day sealed sleeve bearing fans that cannot be taken apart and fixed when they go bad. And yes, they do go bad fairly quickly - sometimes even quicker than the cheapo fans mentioned above.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I need to track down a couple more 9800GT's (they're cheap enough), for the 'netburst showdown' most things are on the same playing field.
The 9800 GT's are great cards and quite abundant on the used market now. However, they tend to run a bit hot and also fail fairly often under heavy stress after a few years due to inadequate cooling - at least the ones with single-slot coolers.

For this reason, I prefer the Radeon HD3870 cards (and often grab them when I see one offered for under $15 shipped on eBay). While they don't perform as good in games as the 9800 GT, I think they do have more raw computing power (336 GFLOPs for the 9800 GT vs. nearly 500 GFLOPs for the HD3870), so they may score higher in F@H, mining, and other similar apps. The HD3870 also usually costs about the same and has the same power consumption. It's just a bit more rare. What I really like about the reference HD3870 is that it comes with a dual-slot cooler and can run really cool, once the BIOS settings are tweaked a bit (the stock BIOS fan curve tends to idle the fan too low, making these cards cook under load - a 5-minute fix with Radeon BIOS Editor).

And if you need more GPU power for the same money, the HD4850 will whoop both the HD3870 and the 9800 GT's butts (around 1 TFLOPs worth of computing power). That said, the reference HD4850 does have one thing I don't like: single-slot cooler that runs way too hot. It can be tamed with BIOS editing, but then the card becomes loud IMO. So unless you find a dual-slot cooler HD4850 with bigger fan(s), I can't say I recommend them over the 9800 GT, unless performance is really what you are going for.

Originally Posted by Topcat
Novabench: I guess that 200MHz made no difference, CPU score is the same as System 1.
On Netburst architecture, 200 MHz difference is pretty much nothing. Only once you go past 400-600 MHz, you start to see some. HT on the other hand, helps quite a bit more than an increase in the core speed, as you saw from your benchmarks

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
^I have the PNY "energy efficient" version in my irwindale box... slighly less performance (underclocked a tad), but uses a slimmer heatsink and is under 75W (no PCIe power connector, which is good since that PSU doesn't have it).
Those are really nice cards. Essentially, you get almost the full performance of a G92 GPU, but at a much more reduced power draw. Just beware that some of them use cheaper heatsinks with crappy fans that tend to fail quicker than on the standard 9800GT's.

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