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Default 2m/70c Radio battery eliminator build

Well, this timeline is going to be full of holes here. Make sure you format the right SD card kids! Anyway...

So, the battery from my old dual band radio finally quit. I decided to build a battery eliminator.
The case is about 1 1/2" x 3" x 1/2" OD, so space is a bit tight, but not horrible.

Here's what it looks like gutted and my first attempt at a ground bus installed. (Hint, tin coated steel doesn't stick to silicone very well.)

Next, the picture of my first (Failed) attempt.

Why it no work? battery dead? 5.5v? WTF

Doh! I that read wrong. Thats a 6v regulator, not 8v

Well, lets try switchmode then!

It Verks! *pop* ...are you shitting me? It committed suicide. LED is out.

Round 2?

Round 2 Verks!

Into the case it goes. I had the whole assembly process photographed, but oops.

Still Verks!

Well, glamour (shame?) shots then.

I forgot the nylon nut and bolt.... Crap. I may fix that one day.

DC 20v test. Looks good.

AC 20v test. Also good.

Let me shoehorn in some firmware fuckery proof here.

IN: AC ~9v-30v/DC +/-10v-35v OUT:7.6vDC

Not a bad little eliminator.
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