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Default Re: Replacing a choke coil

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Well, don't blindly replace it.
Make sure the replacement inductor has at least the same core size as yours and the wire thickness is the same. If those match and the core type matches (powder iron or ferrite), then the extra 2 turns (and thus slightly higher inductance) shouldn't be that much of an issue.

That said, instead of unwinding this replacement inductor and winding it back with the old wire, you could instead just unwind 2 out of the 14 turns to make it 12 turns again.... Though again, the slightly higher inductance shouldn't hurt that much. After all, this is a TL494 buck regulator running at a fairly low switching frequency (probably 20-40 KHz, if even that much).
Well, the old one seems to be around 7.5mm internal and 12.5mm external diameter and roughly 5mm width, with an iron powder core. The one on aliexpress is a T50-52, so checking up on that standard it should be 7.7mm, 12.7mm and 4.8mm respectively, pretty much a good equivalent I would think.. I will just buy it and solder it on. What can go wrong I doubt I would damage a test CPU (and I do have more than enough 166MMXs to go around).. Fingers crossed, order placed, I will let you know in a month's time.
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