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Default Re: Li-ion AAA replacement with li-ion pack

Originally Posted by clearchris View Post
That presents quite the conundrum. The device doesn't function well at around 70% battery or lower. I don't think it deals well with the voltage sag. The bluetooth connection barely works, I have to hold the phone within 6 inches of the device.
Sounds like it was designed for a 3.6V Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack (3x 1.2V cells, which normally come out to around 4.4V charged) or perhaps even a 4.8V pack (about 5.8V when fully charged).

I suppose there isn't much you can do then. For a moment, I thought perhaps a cheap boost converter in there would do the trick. But with that running all the time, this will drain the battery by itself too. Battery charge also won't last as long due to some efficiency lost in the converter. So that's probably a no-go either.
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