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Default Re: Li-ion AAA replacement with li-ion pack

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Ah, that's a good way to kill your Lithium batteries - keeping them close to 100% charged all the time.
If you want your batteries to last, keep them between 25% and 75% most of the time, and only fully charge when needed.
That presents quite the conundrum. The device doesn't function well at around 70% battery or lower. I don't think it deals well with the voltage sag. The bluetooth connection barely works, I have to hold the phone within 6 inches of the device.

So I guess I'm back to leaving it on the charger and replacing every few years. Maybe a larger battery would work better, it would be able to have higher voltage for longer, and I could leave it off the charger.


Yeah, I guess the batteries stay high voltage for longer, and then lose voltage quickly. I assumed a more linear voltage drop during discharge.
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