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Default Electron Kinetics Eagle 2C amplifier problem

I have an older Electron Kinetics Eagle 2C amp from the early 90's. It was assembled and inspected around mid December, 1992. One channel has gone out. I tried contacting the company through email, and also called, but have yet to get an answer! This has been a couple of weeks now. I have also tried searching for a schematic for this amp, but no luck!

I'm thinking it may be a bad cap or caps, and also wondering if the transistors may need to be changed as well? The transistors that were used in this amp were from a Japanese company called Sanken. They are still in business, but I'm not sure if they still carry the OEM transistors used in this amp. I would guess that they should have a direct replacement. I will write to them and ask.

They have 2 large caps that run in series. I took them out and made sure that they were discharged. I proceeded to check them with my Fluke DMM for capacitance, but I realized that these big caps are 80,000mfd/50V. Not sure what I can do to see if they are still good or bad?

Has anyone ever upgraded these older Eagle amps, or may know what I may do to fix the problem? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated! I just want to get it up and running again in 2-channel!

Thanks in advanced!
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