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Default Re: How many uf do i need to cope with the HDD inrush current

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
Are these hot-swap bays any good, they are supposed to connect GND first on the connector and delayed switch-on power to the drive. So the 5V, 12V pins are recessed, no zaps to the Sata lines.

Otherwise, it's probably the inrush current of the plugged in HDD.
Drives are around 2A peak during spin-up. HDD controller boards have pretty much nothing for capacitance, so any glitch causes the drive to reboot.
Check the wiring/lead/connector resistance, -10% or 10.9V is the spec.

Try add a large 100-470uF capacitor on 12V power, and maybe another cap for the 5V rail. A few hundred uF is good.

If your problem is due to a crappy hot-swap connector, it could be zapping the Sata lines etc. during plug in and might damage the HDD?
they are just cheap bays, they are just well placed sata connectors, there is nothing fancy at all as far as i can see on them

@Curious.George Not the CPU never had a issue using the bays when running a OS off the internal bays (different power lead)

I am using a quality PSU and i am not even stressing it, it is either a bad connection and/or inrush current
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