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Default Re: How a plasma display panel (PDP) works

Originally Posted by tom66 View Post
It's an ambitious project, I'll give you that.

The subfields are basically just same brightness levels but displayed for a longer period of time, so for example a subfield of length 1 might be about 1% as bright as one which is displayed 100 times over, each sustain event emits about the same light.

The line selection is logic level from control board, ground referenced. At the buffers, it is VFG referenced, that is the sustain node (without the Vsc applied.) This requires optoisolation.

Driving IGBTs at the required rate (around 200kHz) is a high level power electronics project. I would not be surprised if the first few boards work for some small amount of time before catastrophically failing. For learning experience, I would try experimenting with a different panel... maybe one not so valuable

A common sustain driver (SS) is a lot less ambitious than the addressed sustain driver.

Scope: minimum 100MHz digital scope like Rigol DS1074Z, DS2072A, Agilent 2000X, etc. You need the high waveform update rate to see the most detail.
"Depending on the display technology, the fields will be in binary lengths (512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1) which allows any cell to be varied from zero intensity to 1023 intensity (arbitrary figures.)" - that means that they all differs only by quantyty of sustain impulses and displayed one after another, so, if i need "3" i set "1" for cell when "1 impulse", set "1" for cell when its "2 impulses" and set "0" for all others?

In VT60 manual theres SEL SIU OC1 OC2 and CLK signals for scanline selection. Any idea about them?

Well, i'll try first to "emulate" real oscilloscope for sus/select and hope my panel will live long enough. I hope)) For experiments will use old 42u30.
For driving IGBT on SUS and SCAN boards, do i need any optoisolation, or buffers already on board are enough?

Any idea about X-board lvds ?

Is Rigol DS1102D is ok ?

Thank you.
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