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Default HP Envy 27 (C8K32AA) IPS LED monitor, flash dump needed

I’m trying to repair a HP Envy 27 (C8K32AA) 27" IPS LED full HD monitor. It works fine when cold, but a minute later it freezes. After that it becomes uncontrollable or plain dead.

I found this repair of another HP monitor, model Pavilion 22xi IPS LED:

Looks like Main PCB is manufactured by same chinese (AmTRAN) and it carries the same Flash IC (Winbond W25X41CLSNIG, marked 25X41CLNIG) as my Envy 27 monitor, so looks rather promising that a Flash replacement could work.

I hope I’ll be able to read Flash contents when it’s cold. If not, I’ve found this dump at this russian site:

Complex registration needed to download file (I understand you have to pass a test?). Is anybody already registered there and can copy the file here, please?
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