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Default Re: ELNA Cap Identification

Originally Posted by kc8adu
I trimmed the top part of the plastic sleeve as it may improve the sound quality (advice from a friend of mine)
To be frank, i found no improvement after the modification.

May U Tell Me About The Different Types Of Capacitors Termination Styles On Board & If It's Shape Is Related To It's Case Size.
For Technical , I Wanna Ask If There's A Relationship Between The ESR & Ripple Current From 1 Side And Between ESR & Leakage Current From The Other Side.
Many Thanks To All Of You.
Capacitor termination style depends on part mounting process, capacitor size and application. Machine insertion part must be in straight lead or formed lead with taping. Kinked lead is for manual insertion. The snap-in type is usually for heavy capacitor (big size). It holds the capacitor tightly on the PCB (application in vibration environment).

Low ESR capacitor can handle higher ripple current due to less heat dissipation ( losses ).

I am not sure... i think there is no relation between ESR and leakage current. Low leakage current cap is usually used in timer circuit.
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