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Default Re: Keyboard help

Hmmm, I don't think I can make any recommendations. All of my keyboards are old, used PS/2 affair. If I need USB, I just use those PS/2 to USB converters. However, I simply CANNOT stand the shallow keystroke depth of modern keyboards. The only keyboards that piss me off more are the ones with shallow keystrokes *and* flat keys - I can't type worth a shit on those.

Some of my co-workers last year thought I was over-reacting about the crap quality of modern keyboards. I found this nice-looking gaming keyboard at work that wasn't used and I decided to replace the cheapo USB keyboard on my desk. Within a week, I switched back. I couldn't stand how flat the keys were. And the shallow stroke depth made it very easy to rest my fingers on the keyboard and press keys accidentally. Then one of my co-workers borrowed it, because the keyboard looked nice and had LEDs and whatnot... but he returned it to my desk within the hour - said he could not type at all on it. Then someone else borrowed it, and the same thing happened.

So let's be honest - no one can type well on flat keyboards.

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Most of my disposed keyboards are because I despise the layout. I only pretty much keep keyboards that have the IBM Model M layout (which I have one of, too)...
I keep all keyboards, but personal use, I am with you on the IBM Model M layout: I can't stand keyboards with a small bastardized Backspace key. I've also seen a few odd ones keep the Backspace key full size, but then shrunk the right Shift key and put the "backslash" next to it in order to make the Enter key big. Then there are all those keyboards with the 3 extra Power/Sleep keys above Insert/Home/PG_UP, which makes the Delete/End/PG_DN keys one row lower - that messes me up quite a bit as well, because I use the Delete, Home, and End keys VERY often when typing.

So far, one keyboard that I have found that I really like is the Dell QuietKey model RT7d5jtw - both in terms of layout, keystroke depth, and keystroke feel. They are also pretty damn reliable. Note that the beige Dell QuietKey keyboards are made by several different manufacturers. The RT7d5jtw model is just one. I think another good model(s) is the one that starts with "SK-" and then followed by a number - those are just as good, in fact.

Originally Posted by jiroy
I would recommend the IBM KB 9900 with multimedia interface , which i've used since like 20 years and expecting another 100 years , lol , but I think it's probably the last one in its specie . A one of a kind of robust monster .
My Logitech SK-720 / Y-SA2 is about the same age as yours - we got it back in 1999 with our first personal computer (before that, my mom had desktop work computers issued from her job). And guess what, I still use it today, along with its companion mouse: a Logitech M-S34. The mouse has needed quite a few surgeries on its left button, but overall it can take a lot of abuse between "service intervals".

Originally Posted by jiroy View Post
I don't know friends , but when I used to play Driver or Motocross (some 15 years ago ) , I was always the winner and others breaking their ones , lol .. Not all keyboards take easily two commands at the same time like this non clicking kb 9900 , trust me on this . Whom are Driver Professionals will understand what i'm talking about .. Drifting .
^ This

I absolutely despised cheap keyboards that couldn't take more than 2 keystrokes at once when I was a kid (well, I still do!) In driving games, I couldn't shift gears if I was turning and accelerating.

Then one time, my cousin and I tried to race together on Need For Speed High Stakes with the option of a split-screen (i.e. race against each other on the same PC). Boy, was that funny to see! If one person was steering and accelerating/braking, the other person could not do anything with his car. The best thing we could do is drive in a straight line together. It was more of a challenge who would crash the least instead of who would win the race.

Originally Posted by jiroy View Post
No way a label can disappear or blur on this one .. They probably made it from another planet materials , lol ..
Yup, that's the Dell QuietKey keyboards I mentioned above - they have laser-engraved print on the keys. Only once you wear the plastic on the key down to the engraved surface, then the print starts wearing off. Now *that* is quality!

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
More seriously though my Corsair keyboard that I mention in that post.
It started developing this super annoying "double letter" thing: meaning I'd press "D" once but get: "DD"
Or maybe your keyboard learned what kind of women/pr0n you liked better.

Originally Posted by stj View Post
i have had some real shit in the past,
i learned it's better to spend the same amount on a used professional keyboard and build an adapter to use it.

On that note, the easiest route is to probably get a bunch of quality old PS/2 keyboards and use a PS/2 to USB adapter.

If you're afraid of getting old used keyboards because they are dirty, have no fear: old keyboards can be easily taken apart and the top part (keys) washed. I did that with all of mine and they look pretty much brand new (aside from the key wear on some of them).

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