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Default Re: Testing VRMs

Originally Posted by bianchi77 View Post
I removed CPU resistance to ground = 34.5 you mean northbridge sharing the same Vcore ?
Yes. *Possibly*

Is this for the A7S333 motherboard from your other thread? Or a different motherboard?

Originally Posted by bianchi77 View Post
When I tried to measure one of the chip capacitor with my LCR45....I got value >20000uF
That's because of the low resistance of the circuit. It will make your meter think it is filling up a big cap.

That's why it's never reliable to measure anything in circuit, especially if you don't understand the circuit well.

Originally Posted by bianchi77 View Post
One test that I can, unsolder all the capacitors about 16 small smd capacitors and test the resistance again....
Yes, do that.
This is by far the best way to isolate a short-circuit: keep removing parts until the short-circuit is gone. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest way. But the reward is the certainty you get.
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