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Default Re: dell 270/280 polymer mods

Don't have a camera to hand
Y - bloated MBZ as well as one of three 16V 1000uF MCZ also

C382 16V 1500uF Rubycon MCZ
C176 6.3V 820uF Rubycon MBZ
C298 6.3V 820uF Rubycon MBZ

This board will POST ok.
The reported problem is the mobo locks up after being in use for a while.
Suspect, the obvious problem is heat. Caps evident enough of this.

Also, two of the 16V 100uF Nichicon ZL are reporting higher than average
ESR. As this mobo is getting a recap I want to eliminate my requirements in the first instance.

So.. I have the caps and the rest are on the way.

Another Q.
Will this mobo support 65nm Pentium 4s such as Intel 631, 641, 651 and 661?

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