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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
My backup archive is not that big and quite messy. I really should do this in a more organized fashion... but I don't care enough, I suppose. I just know that I have my most important stuff backed up fairly well (at least 1 off-line copy somewhere.), which is mostly my music, pictures, some OS ISOs, and some software and drivers that are hard to find.
The problem is that you (typically) don't have good "predictive powers" as to what you MIGHT need at some future date.

Just yesterday, I realized that a piece of software that I wrote 30+ years ago would PERFECTLY fit the bill for a project I started! (Of course, my memory of having written it probably influenced my realization that it would be a viable "solution").

So, today I have to figure out what I would have called it "back then" if I have any hope of finding it in my index/catalog. I am only belatedly realizing the value of maintaining timestamps on files! I've been careless, over the years, so have many files that I know are decades old but bear "recent" timestamps owing to how/when/where I copied them from their originals.

<frown> Just tiny pieces of "lost data" that, in this case, would have made my search much easier!! (search for year = 1986)

One thing, for sure, is that all of the files will likely have 8.3 names! :>
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