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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
i think its more than that. its a waste of time and energy as well. i have to spend time setting up the "drive recovery and rescue environment" and i have to wait for it to pull all the data off the drive before i can use my system again.
And you never really know if you actually have recovered the data or just SOME data that appears to have satisfied the ECC and other aspects of the filesystem format. (I keep MD5's of all my files in a database isolated from the files themselves so I can verify their integrity -- online OR in a recovery attempt).

its also a waste of electrical energy as i have to leave my system on overnight so it can try to rescue and pull and reread all the data off the bad sectors. in the end, its how much time and energy u can expend to recover as much data as possible versus the loss of use of functionality of the machine u want to use while it performs the recovery.
And, unless the platters/head assembly physically seize up, you're never quite sure when to "give up" in those efforts. Will another hour of tinkering yield more data? Or, will it just be an hour wasted? "If I give up, now, then I know that I won't recover any more. And, I'll never have this opportunity, again, so maybe I should really try a bit harder/longer while I can..."

of course for people like curious george where time=money, its a double whammy of monetary and time inconvenience as well. as for me, its also partly my fault, as i did not expect this drive to fail "because its a wd" and a high end consumer drive line (caviar black) at that.
"Only back up the data that you care about..."

(The implication being that if you don't care about the data, why are you saving it?)
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