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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
I do wonder now, should HDDs be considered disposable and have to keep it all backed up and/or RAIDded, so a bad hard drive is just a monetary inconvenience?
If you value the data on the drives, then you should plan on the drive failing at any time -- is your data worth more 3 years from now (when the drive is 3 years older) than it is, now? I.e., why would you consider backing up data on an older drive but not a newer one?

I keep at least two copies of everything on at least two different spindles. The really important things are backed up on different types of media.

Also, I regularly "verify/refresh" every instance of every file just so I know it's "still good (and accessible)" -- even optical media! (I have an automated system that alerts me to which volumes need to be mounted so that they can be checked "recently")

And, no RAID as that often limits your recovery abilities (what if the controller sh*ts the bed?) to whatever the controller decides is appropriate.
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