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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

[Knock on wood]

I have a few 2TB drives, they all are still functioning.
The oldest is a WD green, and I have a refurbished WD (??color). The WD (??color) is reporting errors/bad sectors but I wonder if it's due to PSU problems as that machine keeps chunking PSUs. It is still functional, around 4+ years POH, and RAID1 with a Seagate 2T disk.

My WD Green 2T disk I couldn't stop Linux from load cycling until it was too late so it has a huge load cycle count. But it's over 5.5 years POH now. Fortunately no bad sectors.

The Seagate 2T disk (acquired new) seems okay but it does not have many POH as it's typically turned off along with the WD (??color) as they are RAID1.

I have a few other Toshiba 2T's as a RAID5 and they're average about 2 years old POH. Still doing okay.

I do wonder now, should HDDs be considered disposable and have to keep it all backed up and/or RAIDded, so a bad hard drive is just a monetary inconvenience?
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