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Default Re: Samsung DTB-H260F HDTV Tuner

I think you are off a bit on your understanding of this box. The DTB-H260F receives either ATSC or clear QAM signals and outputs a high-def signal on either its HDMI or Component Video terminals (the latter of which all of the early HD-ready TV sets should have). I don't think HDCP is required due to the lack of any 'broadcast flag' rules ever taking hold. Output resolution is selectable for 480/720p/1080i. Optical and RCA L/R outputs are provided for sound. The s-video and composite video outputs are almost useless because the on-screen menus/channel numbers are not visible through them. I use this box with my projector (HDMI to DVI adapter) and it functions quite well in that role.

I don't think you are going to find a stand-alone tuner that can receive both ATSC and NTSC and pipe it out on HDMI/Component. As you point out, most TVs have this already built in, so the market for these type of devices was very small. Your NTSC broadcast (either ever fewer OTA or analog cable channels) receiving duties are best left to the TV or an old VCR. And of course this box is not to be confused with a 'coupon' converter box that can receive ATSC and output it to Composite/S-video or NTSC ch 3/4. On those beasts, Hi-def output was prohibited as a condition of being coupon eligible.

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