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Default Re: Soldering station thoughts and guidelines

While I agree these T12 you guys recommend look fairly professional, I think I'll stick with the Bakkus in the end. For one thing, I'm used to their "feel" and how they handle, though this is certainly not the main reason since it's like driving a car and you can/SHOULD always be able to adapt to a different one at any point.

Another aspect is the tips: the T12 seem to use like a rod that slips into the handpiece somehow, as opposed to the ones I'm used to where the tip is a short sleeve that slips over the heating element. It's much easier for me to source these latter types of tips locally and I already have a pretty good selection of them on hand, having ordered multiple ones for the Bakkus I have at work. Just about every soldering iron I've seen uses these, crap or not, so it's not a problem to swap them around. With the T12 ones, I'd have to order various tips individually (haven't looked at the prices though) and wait a lot for them to arrive...another thing I thought about just now. I'm not sure how compatible they are with other soldering irons of that kind.
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