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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX620 with Oozing Rubycon caps

Originally Posted by Fast Alpha View Post
Polymer caps are they easy to solder on
Not a whole lot. But if you have a crappy iron, then yes, because they do have slightly thicker leads usually.

Originally Posted by Fast Alpha View Post
and are better at cool.
You mean do they withstand heat better?
- It depends. Polymers still have a finite life/endurance, just like regular "wet" electrolytic caps. But because the electrolyte in polys is dry, high temperatures may affect them a little less. So for example, a 105C-rated poly cap may have the same 2000 hour endurance rating as regular wet electrolytic cap. But for every 10C drop in temperature, the endurance life increases 10-fold for certain polymer series. Thus, at 100C, a poly cap could last up to 20000 hours. Whereas for a regular 'lytic, the endurance life usually only doubles (i.e. 4000 hours for a 2000-hour electro cap) for every 10C drop in temperature.
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