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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX620 with Oozing Rubycon caps

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
The OP specified that it is a tower, which sounds like a mid tower case to me, not a SFF or slim (thin) desktop.
Looking back at the O/Ps pictures, it does appear that this is an SFF or USFF desktop and not a full tower. Look at the motherboard - it has only a PCI-E and a PCI slot. The full tower has 4 slots.

Nevertheless, those MCZs would have likely blown even in the full tower. I just got two of these OptiPlex GX6xx and GX7xx machines (I think one was a GX620 and the other a GX760), and one of them has similarly-blown Rubycon MCZ caps. When I eventually get around to it (might be in the early spring due to cold weather right now, and I need to do a full clean-up and de-dusting of these towers outside), I'll see how the cooling is in these towers. I'm thinking that reversing the front 120 mm CPU/case fan (so that the tower blows hot air from the front and takes cool air from the back) might be better for the motherboard's cooling. But that's just a theory in my head right now.

Originally Posted by Fast Alpha View Post
The case should of had better fans and airflow, to avoid that happening.
Yes, indeed.
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