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Default Re: Hitachi LE55A6R9A - No backlight

This is precisely what I was about to report. As far as I can tell, I'm not getting any voltage in that area.

With it grounded on the case, these were the results. The red marks were reading over 1000 volts, the black marks were reading nothing at all. This is with the TV plugged in and the power button pressed to take it from red light to blue light. Despite the illustration, I was doing this with the wires all plugged in! Just to be clear.

I'm testing the LED leads by jamming the red probe deep into it and feeling it scrape against the metal in there. That should work, right?

And sorry for newbing the place up! I promise I catch on quick

EDIT: When you say across these points, do you mean use the black probe and the red probe on both ends instead of simply grounding the black probe? I can try that.

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