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Default Re: Hitachi LE55A6R9A - No backlight

I took this TV to learn as much as to actually fix it. If it's a write off or not really "worth it" that's not such a big issue.

I am... somewhat sure but I will double check.

My multi-meter is kind of cheap. In the video he set it to 600 volts ( Is that the right unit? Straight volts, not a x10 1/10 or whatever) My meter says 200, then 1000. I was using 200. Direct current of course. Could that cause a false non-reading?

I was getting readings other places on the power supply board, but not ( as far as I could tell ) at those points.

Bored right this minute anyhow, I'll take your advice and follow the tracks back and see if I can find voltage.

EDIT: This is the underside.

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