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Default Re: Xbox 360 Xenon Motherboard Capacitor Replacements?

Originally Posted by vinceroger69 View Post
and momaka sounds like hes worked on a few of these so maybe he can help us both out with our repairs.
Yes sir.
It's been a few years now since I worked on one, so I am a bit rusty with what the secondary codes meant, but I don't mind helping you either way.

Originally Posted by The_Killer53
I will ask if I need anything else and will keep you posted on my progress with the board
Yes, please do. We like it when a thread reaches conclusive results

Originally Posted by vinceroger69
i can see why it has the 3 red lights now and secondary code 0102 no wonder the xbox failed look at the dust in the enclosed pictures i think i may try a reflow on this board.
Yeah, probably just needs a GPU reflow. The CPU BGA rarely fails (even though yours has all of that dust on its heatsink).

Also, when testing these boards, I highly recommend you have the PSU nearby so that you can see its indicator light. Normally, it is yellow when the Xbox 360 is OFF. But after you power ON the Xbox 360, if the light on the PSU flashes Red or goes back to solid Yellow (after flashing Green for a quick moment), then you likely have a short-circuit somewhere (usually GPU chip itself, GPU BGA, or RAM chips). Occasionally, you may also hear a slight buzzing sound coming from the MOSFETs near GPU - this is also a good indicator of a short-circuit in GPU, GPU BGA, and RAM.

If I remember correctly, 0102 may also cause MOSFETs Q2G1 and Q3F1 near the RAM chips to overheat (as well as coil L2F1). This is a sign that there is a short-circuit in either GPU, GPU BGA, or RAM. The PSU will not detect this short-circuit and its light will continue to be Green. Therefore, I always check those two MOSFETs to see if they are overheating. Just put your finger on them - if they turn burning-hot within 5-10 seconds of turning ON the Xbox 360, you have a short-circuit on that rail.
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