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Default Re: DFI P5VB3+ dead with bad caps and more...

It's Rev C+ and it's already underclocked to 333MHz (like my old K6-2) but "recognized" as "Unknown-S CPU" ... bad thing.

So, finally I do what Majestyk suggest days ago : a BIOS update with a new CPU ! Was a) for me.

I was able to boot on a floppy (!!!!) bypassing the hanging BIOS by hitting F4 then flashing the BIOS under DOS : was a hard and scared job !!! Really.

With 2000's BIOS like the picture I speak about ... My new CPU is recognized now as "K6-2+" and BIOS don't hang anymore ... See an old and died IDE DVD-ROM ... seems good for the moment.

I think nothing else (I mean hardware) has died as POST would complain about that if it was the case.

So, summary :
5x caps + 1x 75N08 (CEB6030L replacement): 10 EUR
Brand New K6-2+ 450 ACZ : 8 EUR
Shipping and Handling for New CPU : <18 EUR (more than CPU itself!)
New CPU Fan as it died during Test : 4 EUR
Bios Update (flashed) for Free : 0 EUR

My repair cost me a total of : 40 EUR (= $50 USD) without the new PSU I use (only 15 EUR)...

About 1: CPU fan still asleep when plug into CPU fan connector even with new flashed BIOS and CPU temperature reaching 51C (a little hot) ... so plugged in AGP fan instead and still running now. I think this has never worked !

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