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Default Re: DFI P5VB3+ dead with bad caps and more...

Anothers things :

1/ It is said in the latest documentation of the mobo I found that CPU fan should rotate when CPU temp is over 25C which is my case now and fan still not move an inch !

I try the fan by myself again with 12v DC red and black nothing on yellow: it works (it is a brand new one for 4 euros but works).

Then I plug it into the AGP fan connector instead of the CPU fan connector and power up: it works again ! CPU temp lower to 32C like that. AGP fan speed reported as 3333, 34xx, 35xx RPM (works fine too !)

2/ Cannot reach boot sequence as BIOS hang just after :
"Award Plug And Play BIOS Extension 1.0A" can't see disks and/or cards (ISA and PCI). Stuck (sad Xmas to come :-D).
Try to revert to fail-safe BIOS setting. Nothing.
And no setting to stop PNP !

3/ With a DVD-Burner as primary slave only I got the HDD LED lighten just after POST which is abnormal as I know my board ... And still hang after PNP.

All 3 points suggest effectively that something -surely SMD- goes wrong ... but that's now a hard job ... the worst I think.

Clues welcome...

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