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Default Re: DFI P5VB3+ dead with bad caps and more...

Originally Posted by stj View Post
i think unless your running it outside the house, it should be atleast in the mid 20's.
No it's hot here (inside the house!)

After 2-3 minutes of power up machine the CPU temp has now reached 45C and up to 51C. I precise that I use this K6-2+ 450MHz *underclocked* at 333MHz ...

Originally Posted by stj View Post
if it can be turned off, it's dangerous if the sensor fails.
it's under the cpu in the center of the socket - it should stick up to touch the cpu.
Yes, saw that. This is the CPU hottest point. Works perfectly I think.

But now, it seems another harder / worst problem arise as I can't reach the boot-up process. BIOS hang before. Hope it's software (e.g. BIOS setting) not hardware failure.

Be back for that.

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