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Default Re: Comments on The Recapping FAQ

Originally Posted by StigOE View Post

I'm a new member, but I have a comment about the temperature recommended for soldering the caps. I'd say 450C is way too high. When I had my soldering courses (first halves of the 90's), a rule of thumb were approx 150C above the melting point of the solder. Since normal 60/40 solder have a melting point of 177-183C, a good temperature would be about 350C. If you need as high as 450C, either you don't have a powerful enough soldering iron or a too small tip. With too high temperature it's a lot easier to damage the tracks due to disbonding. Too powerful soldering iron/too big tip/prolonged heating is no good either...


I have to agree with this. I have a Hakko Soldering station that got out of calibration for a while. I was recapping an old stereo system and I burned up a couple of pads before I realized what was going on. It had to be up around 400 degC. Of course I haven't dealt with computer motherboards yet, but I just can't see setting the temp that high because I have been able to desolder everything fine at lower temps.
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