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Default Re: Hanns-G HG281D 28" TFT - Multiple Problems

Originally Posted by stevekasian View Post
Do you think a 35 watt ** EDIT!! 25 WATT ** pencil should be the proper size for this type of board work?
I tried with wick in the first one or two lcd repair, but switched to the solder pump. I had poor results with the wick. If you can get the joint to molten status, the pump works great.

I suspect my poor results with the wick is that it is really cheap wick.

My soldering irons are 30W and 40W sort by ebay lowest price. I paid maybe $4 USD for them and they work fine. A solder pump is also around $3 off ebay.

The local electronics store wants $30CDN for a solder pump.
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