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Default Re: Like New Nautilus Exercise Bike has Dead Panel

OK, finally had time to pull the crank, remove the side skirt and undo that cable bundle to trace the wires. Here's a couple of illustrations of the wire traces:

The wires are numbered sequentially in the order they appear in the wire harness in the 2nd pic below from right to left (there are 11 wires going into the harness, -W indicates a white lined wire):

From right to left, you can see there are 10 wires coming into the harness, 3a and 3b are the two gray wires that are spliced in the harness as you can see from the 3rd pic below:

The 3 wire is a splice of the two gray wires are fed into the harness from the power adapter harness and the speed sensor:

Finally, here is where the harness wires attach to the main board in the same order as the harness in pic 2 above:

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