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Default Re: Acer 4530 - powers on then shuts off 2 seconds later

Nope - no post. no bios writing. tried three different external adapters - all good. no difference.
Nature of the problem: Press power button.. blue LEDS do their 'go around thing' for about 1.5 seconds ... fan makes brief blowing noise .. no bios writing on screen ... unit shuts off. charging of battery & charging LED seem to function correctly. changed CPU. changed memory. disconnected all device loads - that is: hard drive, CD rom, modem, wifi, etc. DC jack seems good. same problem regardless of whether screen is connected. reapplied silver thermal paste on cpu. graphics chip heat transfer pad seems fine. same behavior regardless of battery connected or not. no obvious shorts in USB connectors or otherwise. 5V & 3.3V stand-by appear to be there. ...
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